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January 31, 2011

Jess + Jesse – January 29th, 2011

That’s right, we had TWO photo shoots in ONE day. It was truly a whirlwind of a day…but it was spent with friends through and through. So who are we to complain?

Jess and Jesse are friends of ours that we hang out with every chance we get. They’re hilarious and fun loving and the type of people that will drop everything if you need their help! They’re keepers for sure.

We were thrilled to walk around with them on the Drag and Lady Bird Lake in Central Austin.

This shoot was great in that it didn’t feel like work…at all. Just hanging out with our friends!

I think it’s quite evident in this next shot that Jesse ADORES Jess. I couldn’t get a word in without him gazing at her and telling her how beautiful she is!

LOOK AT THOSE COLORS! Dear Jess, thanks for having brilliant red hair! Also, Dear UT Gardening Crew, thanks for planting that pomegranate tree!

Jesse plays basketball with Alex, so coming into this shoot I knew Jesse could jump…HIGH. We took full advantage!

We also took advantage of the fact that Jess is a dancer 🙂

This next one is my favorite of the day…I think, there’s a lot of wavering because of the sheer amount of amazing photos these two helped us get!

Final shot of the day, way to make it count guys!

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