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December 2, 2011

Jay + Alyssa + Xander + 3 dogs – November 20, 2011

This family…this family is so cute and so great and we lovvedd taking photographs of them. Alyssa and Jay are the proud parents of Xander, born this past February, and were in need of some family photos. Enter LewChan…here are some of our favs from the day. Lots and lots to choose from!

The frame strikes again. Love it and all of its cheese 🙂

The original plan was to have the shoot at the Botanical Gardens, but upon arrival realized that professional photographers had to have a license in order to shoot there. Pshaw. Off to Zilker Park we went, right across the street, and dog park central. Their puppies had a blast!

This next one, I heart it so much. Jay is so in love with his family…so evident here. And Alyssa, I think the words “breathtakingly beautiful” come to mind.

Alex’s view…

My view…(one of my favs)

Haha, I love how in the below photo Alyssa’s body language is all, “Don’t you drop my baby.”

Another favorite coming right up! “Oh hay guise…”

Jay and Alyssa it was so great to hang out with y’all and meet cute, little Xander. Also, so glad you brought all three pooches, no really…it made for some great shots!


A quarter of the way through the shoot I discovered a third dog in a bag…I thought it was hysterical. Obviously.

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