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April 3, 2012

Mandy + Dylan Wedding – Post II

Now onto the main event! This wedding day was filled with beautiful people inside and out, the entire time we felt incredibly grateful for the genuine group of people we were able to spend the day with. Thanks everyone, you rock!

Isn’t Mandy’s dress stunning?!?!?! Garsh I loved it much.

Happy Bride + Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Photographers

Meet the boys…they were fun.

Both bride and groom had STELLAR parents. It was evident why Mandy and Dylan are such fabulous individuals!

Love the look Dylan is giving his parents on this next one 🙂

It was a gorgeous day in the hill country…however, the high 80 temps make me worry for what summer has in store for us all.


Pure adoration…

After the ceremony, Mandy and Dylan had about 10 minutes of alone time to soak in the “we just got married!!!” vibes until we whisked them away for a little photo op.

Again, this couple was soooo much fun and had an amazing sense of humor. We like them, a lot.

In this next one we told them to look sullen and downtrodden…they listened well.

Awesome bridal party strikes again with the hilarity…

Hey boys, you jump…hey girls…you stay put 🙂

Next up…reception photos. Stay tuned, there are some epic dance floor moments!!!



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