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June 17, 2014

Shauna + Chris

This duo makes me so happy, they’re some of our sweetest friends that we love love love so much. I met Shauna my freshman year of college and we lived together both sophomore and junior year. She’s swell and so is her other half, Chris. They’re two of the most genuine people I’ve ever known and I’m just so happy they’re in our lives. We traveled to Chicago for their wedding this past May, and for the first time ever did their engagement photos the day before their wedding. It was hilarious and wonderful all at once.


We were so inspired and giddy to be shooting in another city besides Austin…and Chicago never disappoints us. We’ve both already spent a lot of time there and love love love this town. It was the perfect backdrop to this day.

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Dear Shauna, I know you don’t like photos of yourself looking all serious and beautiful but I couldn’t love the above photo more. Your eyes are insane and I’m loving the painterly backgrounds of these few.

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Me on the job 🙂

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After frolicking around the city all morning the 4 of us were famished and parched. They took us to their favorite place for pies in the city and we were so happy and full and happy. Love these two, love these photos!

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