I’ve been shooting weddings in the Austin area and beyond since 2012. Ever since I can remember I've had an obsession with creating beautiful things. I want to capture gorgeous wedding day memories for you and yours to enjoy for years to come.

Okay, a couple things you should know about me:
• I am a cheerleader for love through and through. If you're happy and excited, I'm happy and excited. I want to celebrate with you!
• I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in 2004 and love all things Italian!
• I love animals and may shriek with glee if there are dogs, llamas, donkeys, horses, cows, etc. at your wedding day.
• I LOVE binge watching shows on Netflix and HBO. Let's chat about it! Do you love White Lotus as much as me?!
• I have two daughters, Olive and Penny and I love talking about them.

oh hi!

I'm eryn and I'm glad to meet ya!


I grew up in Austin and am an Austinite through and through. Everything from food trucks to Barton Springs to bats on Congress, I love it all!


the water

I started swimming competitively at age 13 and still swim on a Masters swim team 2-3 times a week. I’m also a sucker for clear, turquoise ocean water. I seem to plan all our vacations around a beach.



While studying abroad in Florence, Italy I couldn’t get enough of this stuff! Whether it was on crepes or in gelato, I had to have it allll. Still do.


making stuff

I’ve been a maker my entire life. From a young age I did arts and craft projects with my parents. My dad is a skilled painter and there isn’t anything my mom hasn’t crafted. Thanks mom and dad for my creative gene!



I began my yoga practice in 2011 and have savored my time on the mat ever since. I often refer to yoga as my body’s medicine. It just makes me feel good.


my dogS

I said goodbye to the most loyal pup to ever live on the January 1, 2022. She had been by my side for every moment of my young adult life. Sixteen years!! I will never come across another dog more loyal, calm or wise. We now have an energetic golden-doodle named Malibu. We love snuggling her, teaching her new tricks and adventuring to the local dog park :)


my loves

In 2018 I built an adorable home office for my business in the backyard. During the building process I was most excited to pick out the smaller design features, number one being a bright, pink door! Wishes come true and I now have a private oasis in the backyard where I can escape the chaos of parenting two small children.

My loyal pup Malibu accompanies me 100% of the time and together we email clients, edit photos, and map out wedding day timelines. I joke that my blood pressure lowers as soon as I walk through the pink doors and turn on my favorite podcasts. Speaking of podcasts...I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET ENOUGH! Please chat with me about your favorites the next time I see you pretty pretty please!!

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pink door

from behind the