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August 28, 2012

Maximus Aaron’s birth story


Remember Katy and Trent? Well you should…I posted their maternity shoot just last week. As luck would have it, Katy called me no more than a week and a half after their maternity shoot wrapped telling me she was having baby Max within the next 24 hours and asked me to photograph his birth story.

um OF COURSE. Being invited to document a family’s happiest day is so humbling and I’ve never felt more honored. Come along for some of our favorites!

Both Katy and Trent were so positive and talkative before the scheduled C-section. I’m sure their nerves were through the roof, but they sure hid them well. That above image pulls at my heart strings.

One more belly shot before baby Max is born 🙂

Captain America t-shirt for the winnn!

Trent was just a little bit proud and overjoyed…don’t ya think?

Hello World! My name is Maximus Aaron, one day I will lead an army 🙂

um hello sweetest picture ever!

I have to admit, when I saw both grandmothers crying I started crying just a wee bit too. Gets me every time…

A little foot!!!!

Beautiful beautiful Katy…she’s still glowing even after major surgery!!

Well look who’s a natural! Proud of ya girl 🙂

Katy and Trent, thank you so much for letting us be a part of the momentous day. We are thrilled for you two!!!


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