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November 23, 2011

Andrew + Jaime + Anna + Gracie + Nick – November 13, 2011


I heart this family. So full of fun and energy and dang are they a photogenic bunch. It was such a pleasure shooting this bunch of smiling faces…we had so many great pictures to choose from. Smiles for days I tell ya.

Meet Gracie, she loves getting her picture taken. Worked out perfectly!

Love this one of Anna giving Nick a mohawk. Nick is a lucky boy with a two loving big sisters. Andrew and Jaime, are you rolling your eyes? 🙂

Goobers. Oh and Gracie is known for delivering perfect cart wheel after perfect cart wheel.

That face! I have a consistent joke of proclaiming that I may just steal Nick one day. So cute.

I’m thinking these kiddos have some great genes to look forward to.

Meet Anna, the oldest and therefore the wisest of the kiddos.

Nick’s face kills me in this next one. Adorable.

My favorite from the day. Everyone looks sooo happy, and why shouldn’t they be…they were hanging out with us!

Andrew and Jaime, anytime you guys need some photographs of your cute crew let us know. Y’all were a blast!

Alex and I recently got a new camera so we can both be shooting during our photo shoots. This time around I put him to work, purse holder.

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