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July 22, 2012

Baby Elliott has his first photo shoot!


You may remember this couple’s maternity shoot. It was one of our favorite maternity shoots we’ve ever photographed and well…these newborn photos,  well we couldn’t love them more. Elliott Draper Howard was such a little gentleman throughout the entire shoot and didn’t cry once…unheard of. All of the photos are my favorite…but the below are my favorite favorites!

Baby feet, as you’ll see, they’re a theme this shoot.

He’s such a little button, love his expressions.

The above. One of my favorites from the day…for sure.

I mean, have you ever? Alex and I make a good team, I took the photo…he made it pure magic.


Laura and Jay are such a great couple, we LOVE working with them. Elliott’s a lucky boy.

Mama smirk.

AHHHH, babies are so fun to play dress up with. That’s a tie I bought Alex for Valentines Day this year, now the joke is that a baby wore it before he could 🙂

Here Laura is with the family pooch Cooper, he was a gentleman most of the time too.

We’ve got a little Rangers fan on our hands. The baseball cap fit him perfect 🙂

Above = heart melting. Too adorable.

Baby side eye is the best kind.

Ahhh baby yawns. You can’t help but want to eat him up.

Above is another fav from the day. I just heart it with all my heart. Well that’s a wrap folks, Jay and Laura, thank you so much for thinking of us for Elliott’s newborn photos, you guys rock!

Alex creepin’ 🙂



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