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May 7, 2014

Deana + Richard


Welcome to the wedding bluebonnets bloomed for this spring!! Deana and Richard got married in early April (the day before my 30th birthday actually), the skies were overcast but the bonnets were out in full force and we took full advantage. It was a lovely union with a lively wedding party and a beautiful couple who are so happy in love.

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Isn’t Deana’s bouquet the coolest? She made it out of trinkets and baubles that are meaningful family heirlooms as well as other doodads that were just straight up pretty.

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Holy Bluebonnets!! It was one of those moments where I had “perfect conditions” our surroundings were beautiful and so were my subjects. I just couldn’t stop taking photos…


Deana you are a STUNNER!

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We love us a couple over here at LewChan that are up for anything…like trekking into a field of bluebonnets that’s a football field’s length away from the ceremony site in high heels. I know they were happy to though, I mean look at these photos!!!

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The above…my fav!

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It was an epic day, one they’re sure to remember forever. We are awfully proud of these images and know this young couple will cherish them forevs and evs and evs 🙂

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