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April 30, 2014

Eileen + Scott


I’m so glad it’s finally time to share these photos from a fabulous wedding we photographed this spring. The entire day was so fun filled with genuine, good people with great taste. We were crazy about the venue and the colors and the threads, it all just came together so perfectly!


“I put your ring on a raspberry and it was adorable.” ~ me to Eileen after this photo was taken and after I ate that raspberry.

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Getting ready GLEEEE!!!


Eileen’s shoes were something out of fairytales!

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Eileen is just like me, as in she cries easily. So obviously I was a ball of emotion also as I captured these timeless memories or her getting ready beside her mother and her father seeing her for the first time. All so sweet!

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Any bouquet that has succulents hidden inside is fine by me. And check out the peppermint photo below, me loves it so much!!

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Eileen’s dad looking at her in the below photo…I have so much love for this moment.

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Look at that hottie up there!!!!

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Never have two people been so excited to be married to each other 😉

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Can we just talk about the colors in these photos? The greens, the teals, the turquoise, the gray it’s all so wonderful!

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The below = epic

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Just a heads up that this dance floor was POPPIN’, we are always excited when there’s great music and great, enthusiastic dancers!

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A huge kudos to Eileen and Scott for finding each other and throwing the perfect “we just love each other so much” celebration! We had a blasty blast.

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