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October 19, 2011

Ella’s 4th Birthday Party – October 16th, 2011


Over the weekend (a weekend jam packed with birthdays I might add) we were asked by Rotem to capture his daughter’s 4th birthday party. There’s just something so joyful about hanging around kids who are literally seeing so many things for the first time. We had a ball…

Ella’s parents Rotem and Anat had the great idea of hiring a petting zoo to come to the party for a few hours and delight the kiddies with bunnies, ducks, hedge hogs, and more.

I don’t think Ella could be any more proud of her bunny in the below photograph.

This is Ella’s little brother. He’s super cute!

And just a little bit shy.

This petting zoo could not have been more well suited for Ella. She was so patient and gentle with all the animals. And definitely was great at sharing the fun with all her friends!

Good looks run in the family! Also, I think it’s hilarious how Ella is holding the bunny, haha.

That face!!! This little girl’s mom made the adorable bunny cake and she could not wait to eat a piece of it.

Is this not the cutest? I love how Ella seems to be telling her friend a secret about the bunny cake.

Happy Birthday Ella, we had a blast following you around like paparazzi and photographing your special day!

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  1. Sam says:

    Love love! Too cute! I want a bunny now! Haha

    • erynchandler says:

      Sam, well you already did ducklings that one year. I think this year for Easter you definitely need a bunny!

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