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July 10, 2012

Gina and her best pooch, Curly


Our friend Gina came to us a few weeks ago wanting photos taken with her and her lovable puppy pal Curly. Curly has been a faithful companion of Gina’s for many years and is just the cutest. And if there was ever a dog person…welp, Gina is it. Her full time job is working at an animal shelter in Leander, Texas where she tirelessly works to rescue cats and dogs in the Central Texas area. I’m so thankful people like her exist!!! Anyway, back to the photo shoot, we met up at Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park one Sunday morning and had a fabulous time capturing their love for one another. Come along to see some of our favs!

So if you couldn’t already tell, Gina has GORGEOUS red, curly hair and a killer smile that lights up a room. The camera loved her…and Curly 🙂

The light at this particular moment was stellar, if you couldn’t tell already!!!

Isn’t Curly so cute?!?! He cracked us up as he toddled along behind us as we moved from location to location. Truly a Mama’s Boy.

um. hello. holy gorgeousness.

Bahahaha. Curly kills me in the above photo. Such a little nugget 🙂

The above…MY FAVORITE!!!

Love the above one toosies! That light ray shining across her face = money.

Thanks so much Gina for thinking of us for these photos, we had a blasty blast!! Hope you love them as much as we do.



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