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May 15, 2014

Jake’s Birth!


Like I’ve said before, photographing a human coming into this world remains one of my greatest pleasures as a photographer. I’m always humbled and honored and overjoyed. Katy and Trent, we know them well here, we’ve photographed the maternity, birth, and newborn photos now for both of their little boys 🙂 Katy had Max (their first) via Caesarian Section and well this time, she had the distinct pleasure of pushing Baby Jake out au natural with the wonderful wonderful midwives and staff at Austin Area Birthing Center. Katy was like no other birthing mom I’ve ever encountered with this profession, as I walked in the Barcelona Room (the same room I gave birth to my little girl) Katy was mid contraction, but once that contraction was over she and her husband Trent were telling stories and joking. She was telling jokes and laughing!! I thought to myself…”we’ve got a long way to go, this is not how a woman about to have a baby behaves.”

Nope, not even 3 hours later Baby Jake was born…come see the photos!

LewChan-2 Lewchan-2a LewChan-4 LewChan-5 LewChan-6 LewChan-7a LewChan-9 LewChan-10 LewChan-12 LewChan-13 LewChan-14 LewChan-15 LewChan-16 LewChan-16a LewChan-17 LewChan-18 LewChan-19 LewChan-20

Meet Roswitha everyone! She delivered my baby and so many of my friends’ babies…I should basically be the president of her fan club. And then below you’ll see her trusty sidekick Cat who is just so great and I got to see her in action as she caught Baby Jake and brought him to his mama’s chest!

LewChan-21 LewChan-22 LewChan-23 LewChan-24 LewChan-25

Yup, and there’s Katy, just smiling away. She handled childbirth with more grace and ease than I ever thought was possible.


Oh and besides Katy and Trent keeping me entertained with hilarious conversation while Katy labored in the birthing tub they treated me to Blue Bell Fudge Pops. It was delicious!

LewChan-26 LewChan-46 LewChan-45 LewChan-44 LewChan-43 LewChan-42 LewChan-40LewChan-39LewChan-38LewChan-37LewChan-36LewChan-35LewChan-34LewChan-33LewChan-32LewChan-30LewChan-29LewChan-28LewChan-27

Katy’s Progress: 10 cm and ready to go | My Progress: almost done with my fudge pop

LewChan-47LewChan-48LewChan-41LewChan-49LewChan-50 LewChan-54 LewChan-53 LewChan-52 LewChan-51

And just like that…Jake was born and they became a family of 4.


Those photos of Trent cutting the cord are my EVERYTHING.

LewChan-57LewChan-59LewChan-58 LewChan-60 LewChan-61 LewChan-62 LewChan-63 LewChan-64 LewChan-65 LewChan-66 LewChan-67 LewChan-68LewChan-69 LewChan-72 LewChan-71 LewChan-70

So much sweetness in the air that (early) April morning and I loved every second of it. A million congratulations and thank you’s to the Happy Family!


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