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April 10, 2014

Jessica + Jake


Are you guys ready to be introduced to one of the SWEETEST couples EVER? Well, this is more or less your second introduction since we photographed their engagement photos and I recently blogged about Jessica’s gorgeous bridal portraits. Jessica and Jake never seize to amaze us with their kindness and generosity, we felt like their good friends at their wedding and we can’t wait to be there for all their future joyous milestones.

Come see their wonderful wedding photos!!

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Loved watching Jessica write her wedding vows. Spoiler alert: she chose the perfect words.

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I love a bridal party that will dance down the aisle. Love love love it.


The weather report basically said 100% chance of huge downpours and thunderstorms the day of the wedding. Everyone was pretty stressed about it, but as luck would have it the weather was beautiful and perfect and there wasn’t a drop of rain. We were so stoked to be able to have the ceremony outside!

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Jessica was one of the most gorgeous bride’s I’ve ever seen. Girl be Flawless.

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I was only a little bit obsessed with this tool shed’s thatched roof and ivy facade!!!

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Jake comes from a lovely, huge family. He’s one of SIX, below is his wonderful mother and her twin sons 🙂

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The toasts by the maid of honor and best man were wonderful, it’s so great when they get up there and just talk, no paper, no iPhone, just words straight from the heart. One of my favorite moments of the maid of honor speech was when she was detailing what a thankful and grateful person Jessica is and if someone were to gift her a bag of garbage she’d more than likely be so ecstatic about it.

32 33

It think these two were happy to be married. Like really, ridiculously happy.

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carrot cake = wonderful wedding cake choice! The below photo was Jessica’s reaction to the Amy’s Ice Cream. Did I mention they treated us to Amy’s at the end of their engagement session with us? We have them to thank for introducing us to pecan praline topping!

42 43

The band was EPIC.

44 45 46 47

Me dancing with the groom’s mom 😉 No big deal.

48 49

Perfect time for a selfie!


Smooches to y’all Jessica and Jake, we adore you two!

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