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March 28, 2014

Kylie + Zane


You guys! YOU GUYS!!! Are you ready to see some gorgeous wedding photos? This wedding was simple perfection through and through and we could not have had more fun meeting this sweet couple and witnessing their love story before our very eyes. Alex and I met Kylie and Zane last summer during a consultation when they first decided to book us for their big day. We all connected immediately and I remember being super excited for them because they were expecting their first child at the time…a girl, Addy Jane, she’s a doll.

Every detail of this wedding had me screaming on the inside, it was as if my pinterest boards had thrown up all over their venue. haha. Everything was beyond gorgeous from the airstream trailers to the cupcakes to the lacey details to the peach roses.

Come see some of our best work…

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Their first look was so sweet. Kylie was so teary and happy and overjoyed to be marrying her partner Zane in just a handful of minutes!

14 15

They’re goofballs just like us…

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This is their gorgeous baby girl Addy Jane, she was an angel baby during the entire blessed event and made us have baby fever…for like 10 seconds.

23 24 25

I have so many favorites from the day but TWO stand out, the below is the first favorite! This is Zane with his groomsmen behind him on their walk to the ceremony site. He was literally jumping for joy.

26 27 28 29

The ceremony site was straight out of a fairy tale, please take some time to appreciate the epic oak tree that the couple exchanged vows beneath. I want to live underneath that tree.

30 31 32 33

Dear Kylie, you are an angel and so effortlessly beautiful.

34 35


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Just look at the emotion in the below photo, they are so happy to be married. Such a sweet sweet family!

46 47

So after Kylie and Zane were married the guests and family members made their way to the reception site and we had about 15 minutes of silence and calm AND THE MOST PERFECT LIGHT around. I was drooling and could not stop taking photos.


Other favorite photo of the day below! It’s featured on our website because it makes me swoon.

49 50 51

I also love all of these too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52 52a 52c 53



55 56 58 59 60 61 636462

It was such a wonderful day, thank you so much Kylie and Zane for having us there. It’s one for the books for sure!!

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