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April 13, 2011

Malka – April 3, 2011

Head Shots

A few Sundays ago Alex and I met up with my friend Malka. The two of us met while swimming Masters together at 5:30 am. We’re both a little crazy. Malka was in need of some personal shots for her successful business. She’s a very talented artist who makes quilts, pillows, coasters, table runners and so much more. She also has a fabulous blog where she details her trials and tribulations.

We all felt Mayfield Park would be a fantastic spot to showcase Malka and two of the gorgeous quilts she brought along with her.

This next series of shots was Alex’s idea and I love it!

The below shot on the left totally reminds me of a peacock plume trailing behind Malka. Also, isn’t the canopy of trees surrounding her beautiful?!?!

We crept up on a lone peacock and he happily abided by puffing out his feathers and rocking our worlds. Malka’s face below cracks me up, that photo was taken about 2 seconds after Patrick the Peacock squawked his frustrations.

Malka’s artistic abilities lead me to believe that she’s a superhero!

Haha, love the blue, stoic sculpture in the background. What a sport. Thanks so much Malka for this opportunity, always great to hang out with you!

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