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March 30, 2012

Mandy + Dylan Wedding – Post I


This past Saturday Alex and I had the great pleasure of photographing Mandy and Dylan’s beautiful wedding. We were so excited and pleased to be part of their special day.

Mandy and Dylan, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! We hope you love all of the photos we captured. Okay…so since we took SO MANY photos and I couldn’t possibly squeeze them all into one post, I’ve decided to create three blog posts.

First up, all the girls getting prepped at the The Studio salon in nearby Hutto, Texas.

Meet Chloe, she’s a cool kid and an adorable flower girl!

Throughout the entire day Alex and I would comment that we were surrounded by such a great group of people. Everyone was incredibly kind, generous, and fun. Oh and Mandy…you win the award for beautiful bride who was “cool as a cucumber” the entire day. Hats off woman!

I love me some reflections.

Um hello GORGEOUS.

Alex using our brand new, state of the art, super duper camera 🙂

After hair and make up was done it was time to hop on the bus and drive to the venue.

Mandy’s dress fit her so perfectly, it was just the right amount of vintage detail and classic simplicity! Stay tuned for more of her looking hot hot hot in this gorgeous gown.

A big thanks to the wonderful women we took pictures of all morning and to The Studio in Hutto, Texas for accommodating our group and being so helpful!

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