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September 6, 2012

Meet Baby Max, he is cute cute cute!


So this photo shoot marks a milestone for LewChan Photography, Max is officially the first bambino to have his mom’s maternity, birth, and newborn photos all done by us 🙂 And we couldn’t be more proud and grateful at the same time. A huge thanks to Trent and Katy for giving us these amazing opportunities!!!

Come along and see our favorites that we took in Max’s house this past Labor Day.

Trent and Katy may not feel like pros right now…but they definitely seem like it. So calm and at ease with this perfect little boy. He’s a lucky kiddo for sure!

Look at that little munchkin up there, I love the hands!!!

AHHH dat face!!!

Trent isn’t enjoying fatherhood one bit…

The above = perfection

I don’t know what it is about the above image of Katy and Max but I la la la love it very much so. I do.

Baby yawns 🙂

If you didn’t know already, Trent and Katy are big baseball people. I’m pretty sure Max will oblige and follow suit.

Protective pooch

Trent and Katy, congratulations again on your perfectly beautiful little boy. And thankkk youuuu soooo much for having LewChan along for the baby ride! Also, thanks for trusting us to not fall on your baby (see the photos below), even with my  38 week pregnant belly.

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