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January 28, 2014

Ryan + Sam + Foster + Bean


I have a lot of things to say about this little family and about this session in general, but first and foremost…I just love these images. I’m so happy with them, they’re so bright and cheerful and leave me feeling good. That being said, Sam contacted me back in September to set up this photo session. It was a bit time sensitive and there were a lot of working parts ya see because she was recovering from just donating a KIDNEY to her mother. I mean…whhaaa??? Whoa, HERO. That is all. Oh yeah, except that they’re extreme dog people and I’m an extreme dog person and they brought along with them Foster and Bean and I was pretty much in love despite having no voice. I had no voice that day. I had photographed six sessions in the past two days and I woke up the morning of their session with nothing but a whisper. They were troopers and the photos prove it!!!

LewChan-2 LewChan-4 LewChan-4a LewChan-5 LewChan-6 LewChan-7 LewChan-8 LewChan-8a LewChan-10LewChan-12a LewChan-13 LewChan-14 LewChan-16 LewChan-16a LewChan-17 LewChan-20 LewChan-21 LewChan-22 LewChan-23 LewChan-24

PUPPPYYY!!! I couldn’t get enough of the cuteness and took so many photos that day. Thanks so much Sam and Ryan for brightening my day with your loveliness and bringing puppies to the session. There really are few things I love more…

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