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May 7, 2014

Shannon + Blake


Welcome to our very first Fredericksburg wedding! Ever since Shannon contacted us and told us her wedding would be in Fredericksburg in spring we were stoked. Fredericksburg is south west of Austin and is such a quaint and charming town. This wedding was nothing short of charming and it doesn’t hurt that Shannon and Blake are hot hot hot.

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Shannon’s dress is going down in history as my favorite wedding dress of all time. As a lover of everything vintage I appreciated the crap outta this dress. The dress was originally her grandmother’s and then her mother’s, then to make it special Shannon had it tailored to make it perfect for her. SWOON!

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The day of the wedding Shannon and her bridesmaids got ready in the most adorable old house that is straight out of my dreams. Everything was just adorable.

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While taking photos of Shannon I kept thinking, “what celebrity does this chick look like?” Then I asked her what other people have told her…Natalie Portman, yup, a blonde Natalie Portman!

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And then they were hitched!


Hot couple yes? Our cameras loved them.

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That car…oh that car. Blake restored it himself and drove it up from Corpus to have it be a part of the big day. Best idea EVER.

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Straight out of a magazine…

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The above shot…Alex’s idea, I love him for it.

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Good goodness what a beautiful wedding it was. Thanks so much to Shannon and Blake for having us along!!


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