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January 25, 2012

Skylar’s Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Hey everybody, meet Skylar! She’s a high school student who has graduation on the horizon and is a super talented volleyball player. We took her senior portraits two Saturdays ago and are thrilled thrilled thrilled with the outcome. Scroll through and see why we loved working with her…pssst, it’s because she was up for anything we threw at her.

A plus about having a shoot really early in the morning, you can walk into the middle of the street for dozens of photo ops and not hold up traffic…much.

Also, I already mentioned that Skylar plays volleyball…yeah she can jump really high 🙂

We’re lucky to live in Austin, a city that is extremely photogenic and never has a shortage of fun, quirky murals.

Oh nothing, just another AWESOME mural…no big deal.

I like drawing random things on buildings 🙂 I’m wondering what passersby thought of this lone sketch.

Well hello natural beauty…amirite folks?

More chalk drawings!!! I just want to say thanks to Skylar and her mom Shanie for not thinking we were crazy when I suggested  trekking to the top of this empty parking garage. We surely could have gotten locked on the top floor…but we didn’t. Phew.

The top of this parking garage was beyond perfect for those “big sky” photos y’all know I love. The above image, SLAMMING.

Next stop…sand volleyball courts in Pease Park.

Austin has no shortage of Live Oak trees. They’re by far my favorite trees in the world!

Then it was time for a quick outfit change and the final location of the day, The Long Center.

Skylar and I were talking a bit about America’s Next Top Model, it’s apparent here Tyra’s taught her a trick or two. HOT. Oh and it was chilly outside that day and this girl happily suggested she take off her shoes and wade out into this pond, I was in love with the idea obviously.

That above image, by far my favorite from the day. I love the lighting, the composition, and that crazy art installation in the background.

Another favorite below…GORGEOUS.

Great shoot huh? Skylar, you were hands down one of the most adventurous clients we’ve ever worked with. We enjoyed the heck out of your confidence and spirit…bright things in your future girl, BRIGHT.

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