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June 6, 2011

Amanda + Neil + $ophie – May 28, 2011


Never do we love this photography thing more than when we get to have photo shoots with our friends! I met Amanda and Neil through Camp Gladiator boot camp…and that’s actually where they met each other. So clearly they needed to have us document their 1 year anniversary where it all started. We headed to “The Quarries” in northwest Austin and had a ball taking pictures of them and $ophie, an adorable Boston terrier that ALMOST stole the show.

Oh yeah…Neil and Amanda, I guess we’ll take their picture too.

This next one kills me, these two…they adore each other. It’s written all over their faces!

A couple that wears Chucks together lasts forever.

And back to $ophie…omgomgomgomg.

See that wall, their memories of that wall involve push ups and wall sits from hundreds of boot camp work outs. Now they can also think of these rad silhouette shots we took there. They’re kind of perfect.

The Quarries turned out to be a gold mine for nature shots…you’d think we were “down the bayou” with some of these next ones. And can I just mention what a great beauty shot the below right photo is of Amanda? GORGEOUS.

These next two…my favorites!

This next one is special since it’s taken by the bench where these two first met each other. The “stretch/water bottle” area at boot camp. Oh and the lighting…it was perfect.

$ophie is such a con artist with that face. AWWW PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY.

Then it was time to drop $ophie off at home, an outfit change, and a new location. We headed to Waterloo Records on West 6th, one of KFlo’s favorite hangouts. That’s right, this couple is way too cool for us with their hip-hop handle.

P.S. Amanda, I’m going to steal those shoes in the night. Watch out.

And did I mention how thrilled we were with how well their outfits matched the outside of Waterloo?

The staff at Waterloo was super cool about us taking photos inside, a rarity these days. Thanks guys!

Our friends…they’re funny.

Saying Amanda loves Michael Jackson is an understatement. And who doesn’t love some George Michael?

Thanks KFlo and $ophie for such a wonderful shoot, you kids are the best.

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