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February 8, 2014

Annie + Justin


I have to admit, I’m a teensy bit nervous about writing this blog post, there are just so many things I think need to be said about this couple and this day and I just really want to give the memory of this wedding justice. Don’t get me wrong, every wedding we photograph we love and every wedding is important, this wedding was just turned out to be very special to me personally.

Annie contacted me about 3-4 weeks before the actual date, her and her fiancé Justin were eloping to Austin because (I love this) “they just couldn’t wait anymore to be married to each other.” It was to be an intimate ceremony with just the two of them at Travaasa in NorthWest Austin. I jumped at the opportunity and I am so so so grateful they found me, just so so so grateful.

First off, Annie didn’t know this at all but Travaasa is one of my most favorite places in the entire city of Austin. It’s a spa getaway in the hills overlooking Lake Travis and the place just couldn’t be more fantastic. The morning of their wedding I woke up nervous because it was as if a hurricane was blowing through Austin, torrential downpour y’all. But as luck would have it, just a few hours before their nuptials the sun came out and just made the ground glisten. Annie said it best about 5 minutes after I met her that day, “it’s as if the skies opened up and gave everything a big drink.” Yup pretty much. It was GAWGEOUS and so was this bride. The moment I met her I felt at ease and giddy for her.

LewChan-3 LewChan-5a LewChan-7 LewChan-8 LewChan-8a LewChan-9 LewChan3aLewChan11aLewChan-11 LewChan-12 LewChan-14 LewChan-16a LewChan-17

I mean, aren’t those just stunning, she styled herself perfectly me thinks and I loved her blue dress. Then it was off to grab a few photos of Justin before the ceremony and help him pick a spot for them to exchange vows. After meeting Justin I realized that these two really are a perfect match for one another. Alex’s first reaction to seeing photos of Justin after I got home was, “he looks so kind.” HE IS. THEY ARE!!! The fact that they valued my input about where they were going to exchange vows and become husband and wife together made me feel special.

LewChan18aLewChan-18LewChan-19 LewChan-22 LewChan-23 LewChan-25 LewChan-26a LewChan-27 LewChan-28 LewChan-29 LewChan-30 LewChan30aLewChan-31 LewChan-32 LewChan-33 LewChan-35 LewChan-36 LewChan-39 LewChan-40 LewChan-40a

If I had to use a song title to describe this ceremony and afternoon it’d be “Easy like Sunday morning.” It was just easy, I didn’t feel like I was working. I felt like an honored guest at a wedding sweet and pure and I had the privilege of getting up close and getting far away and taking photos of joy. Oh and that marrying them is Scott, he’s so down to earth and added so much humor to the day.

Something else I loved about this afternoon with Annie and Justin…there was no rush. We weren’t waiting on anybody or anything and the only sense of time was the sun slowly setting behind us that provided such a beautiful glow at the end of my time with these two.

LewChan-43 LewChan-44a LewChan-45 LewChan-46 LewChan-47 LewChan-48 LewChan-49 LewChan-51 LewChan-52 LewChan-53 LewChan-54 LewChan-55 LewChan-56 LewChan-57 LewChan-58 LewChan-59 LewChan-60

After their wedding day Annie emailed me and said the following…

I felt so so so thankful that I found you and that you were available- it was all meant to be!! In a small way, I will always feel like you’re a part of ours! From the bottom of our hearts- thank you for sharing your time and your talents with us.

I’m just going to tuck that nugget of sweetness away for safe keeping and pull it out one day when I need a lump of sugar for my tea. Annie and Justin, you’re big day reinvigorated my soul and it was just what I needed 4 days before Christmas!

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