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May 1, 2012

Anyssa – Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

A few Saturdays ago Alex and I had the distinct pleasure of taking Anyssa’s senior portraits. First off, Anyssa is gawgeous and secondly, she’s up for anything. We LOVE to boss our clients around 😉 Come along and see some of our favorites.

Yup, natural beauty.

Anyssa wanted a downtown/urban photo shoot. When I heard this I requested we meet in front of this old Wrigley’s Spearmint mural. I’ve been longing to take photos in front of it. Thanks Anyssa for obliging!

Alex is the “rule follower” when we’re on shoots…I’m the “let’s do whatever we want” person. Stick with me kids, I’ll find vespas we can take photos on.

Our go to on downtown shoots now are parking garages. Especially for am shoots, we always find them empty and it’s where we get the best views of the city. This gem was no exception.

One of my favorites…coming right up.

Totally dig the random bird that flew into this shot. Thanks birdie.

Another favorite above. Sometimes it’s just best when you lay your camera on the ground.

Okay but my favorite from the day I think is the above. I was in love with the peaches and warm tones on the wall and in her dress. Perfection.

It’s totally fine for a pregnant woman to lay on her stomach in the middle of a busy street…right? Yup, thought so.

This shoot would be over and then all of a sudden I’d be all, “Ooohh let’s go over here, stand right there, okay one more, kneel down here.” Thanks for being such a great sport Anyssa!

Hope you love the photos Anyssa, we sure do!

Alex doing his thang.

There’s a lot going on in this shot. Thanks Aunt Naomi for all your help this Saturday morning 🙂

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