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December 27, 2013

Dream Shoot :) :)


Kristen contacted me months ago with an epic idea to have a mid-century inspired photo session with her and her 3 gal pals. It was a surprise for her dear friend Margaret who loves everything vintage. She even bought her the perfect vintage dress for the photo session, um AMAZING gift!!!

We went back and forth a bit on locations and other ideas but it was Kristen’s idea to rent out Austin’s Steam Trains and have the session there. It was beyond perfection and I was in photography heaven since I’m in love with the 50s and 60s as well. The four of us had lots to talk about as a few of them shared my love for Mad Men. There was even a play list with music from the period playing in the background, fake cigarettes, martinis with olives, and the most adorable accessories. Heaven.

Here are my favorites!!

8980LewChan 9003LewChan 9023LewChan 9067LewChan 9068LewChan 9115LewChan 9124LewChan 9146LewChan 9182LewChan 9204LewChan 9233LewChan 9240LewChan 9279LewChan 9298LewChan 9302LewChan 9341LewChan 9350LewChan 9373LewChan 9396LewChan 9403LewChan 9414LewChan 9431LewChan 9504LewChan 9530LewChan 9548LewChan 9554LewChan 9592LewChan 9593LewChan 9607LewChan 9631LewChan 9635LewChan 9674LewChan 9686LewChan 9736LewChan

Would it be weird if I framed a few of these on our own walls? No? BRB, out buying frames. Also a big thanks to Kristen for helping me set this up and making my mid-century photography dreams come true!!

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