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March 13, 2011

Eric + Mary + Jacob + Ethan + Solana – March 5th, 2011


Last weekend Alex and I met up with Eric and Mary and there three very active kiddos. I swim with Mary during the week, she’s a great workout buddy! If I could describe the day’s shoot with any word it’d have to be ENERGETIC! Especially with their three kids who bounded out of the mini van as soon as it pulled up to Springwood Park where we began shooting for the day!

As soon as Alex and I met Mary’s husband and kids we knew we were in for a good time. Jacob was ever so polite and loved telling us all about his interests!

We were told that the swings and monkey bars were their favorite parts of playgrounds. We also found that Solana and I share the same disdain for tire swings!

Don’t we all need pictures like this with our moms? Love it!

Before the shoot Mary told me to concentrate on the kids because she’s not photogenic. After seeing these pictures I never want to hear that again…beautiful!

After Springwood Park it was Mary’s idea to hit up Gordough’s, an Austin trailer known for their wacky donut concoctions. I can’t tell you how excited the kiddos became once hearing this news! Picking just the right donut is important business…

YUM. This family is one generous bunch, they allowed me to sample each and every one of the three varieties they purchased. The Flying Pig and Razzle Dazzle are ammaazzinngg!

The kids all got the same one, fudge, oreos, and gummy snakes were involved. Sugar coma ensued…

I wish someone would feed me donuts + maple syrup + bacon. BONUS!

I think this will be a picture Solana will cherish forever!

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