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January 6, 2012

Gary + Lynn + Aaron + Kevin + Lacey – December 31, 2011


There’s no other way we’d like to round out our first successful year of this here photography thing than hanging out with this family. We’re friends with them…so the morning flew by, ya know, because of all the fun having. They’re such a fun family and we couldn’t have laughed more.

This is Kevin and Lacey, they’re a couple, we kind of like them…a lot.

This photo shoot was Lynn’s Christmas present to Gary, good present huh? She chose this old cotton gin in Pflugerville, Texas for the setting. We Chandlers dug it, we have a thing for old, rusty buildings…or at least I do. So this next one, one of my favorites from the day.

Another favorite below, I think by now you all are aware of my affinity for the “big sky” photos.

Well hello beautiful lens flares.

There are a series of photos leading up to this one, mainly of Kevin’s face of concern as he approached the poison ivy that was EVERYWHERE. Living on the edge…thanks for humoring us Kevs!

We do what we want. Fact.

Lynn is an avid, super talented quilt maker. Before the shoot I asked her to bring a quilt or two so we could incorporate them into the photos. I was thrilled when she brought all of the quilts ever. Thanks Lynn, they made for some pretty photos…this next one, killing it.

Has there ever been a better picture of a mother and son?

Pretty sure Kevin will rally for this next one…

I told Lacey that I was going to play with her hair and a serene, angelic look came over her face…

Also, Lacey has the best nails. Always.

Another one of Lynn’s beautiful quilts came out to play. Wheeee!

This family grew up in this area of town, Aaron had a plethora of stories about his mischievous ways as a kid, he wasn’t concerned with the poison ivy.

That last one, SO CUTE. Thanks everyone who was a part of this shoot, I think it’s safe to say we didn’t feel like we were working…at all.

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