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December 31, 2011

The Messner Family – December 18, 2011


Are y’all ready for one monstrous post? Alex and I spent the weekend before Christmas up in Dallas with some of my extended family. My Aunt Joan, Uncle Glenn, and a whole mess of cousins live up there. They’re a lot of fun and a huuuggeee Texas sized family. Let’s begin, shall we?

My aunt and uncle’s house is large and cozy and full of life ALL OF THE TIME. It’s where everyone comes to hang out, enjoy meals, and just be around one another. The first few I’m posting here are of the kiddos running around in PJs and enjoying themselves.

A face only a mother could love…and me too.

Meet my cousin Jessica and her husband Shawn, together they have 3 perfect kiddos named Cadence, Dylan, and Kayleigh. The kids, well behaved and adorable, just how I like ’em.

Next up is my cousin Christine, her boyfriend Nate, his daughter Samantha and Christine’s daughter Alyssa who is having her quinceanera next week!

This next one…LOVE IT. I call them “Big Sky” photos…see why?

LewChan likes to incorporate Apple products into our shoots. Remember this one?

It was so easy taking this family’s pictures…never a dull moment or a silence not being filled with a hearty laugh. And Alyssa…you’re one of my favorite teenagers!

Meet Maureen…or ‘Mo’ since that’s what I’ve grown up calling her. She’s a sexy cop.


And this is Michael, the youngest of the four kids, the only boy, and a fireman.

One big, happy family.

Getting himself into trouble, as usual.

Blue eyed cousins.

Hey guys, let’s all go inside and sit in the parlor…Michael really appreciated the direction I gave during this series of shots. I think I threw around the word “debonaire” a little too much for his liking. And Shawn felt he needed a glass of scotch.

And let’s not forget Max, the family pooch. My uncle is working on his jumping skills…they’re not there yet. He could afford to get a bit more air…Uncle Glenn doesn’t look impressed at all does he?

Thanks everybody for being such good sports and putting up with our picture taking shenanigans. We had a blast, hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

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  1. Chris Messner says:

    Yall Rock!! I love these pictures! It was so fun. You will have much success this year!!!

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