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December 15, 2011

Kristi + Kyle – Maternity Shoot – December 11, 2011


I cannot tell you how excited I am to post these here photos. Besides them being some of our best work to date the subjects just happen to be great friends. I went to college with Kristi and she’s one of my dearest amigas, this past weekend I flew up to Cincinnati to surprise her at her baby shower. We took these photos the following day along with her husband Kyle (who is HYSTERICAL) and fellow photog and other dear friend from college Samantha who photographed along with me. Such a wonderful day, here are some of our favorites…

Kristi and Kyle are expecting Baby Girl Stevie in the beginning of February, they also have the cutest owl nursery ready and waiting for her arrival!

Meet JoJo Bean, his face kills me every time. Such an animated kitty.

Not that this needs to be pointed out…but Kristi is GORGEOUS and has some of the most piercing green/blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

I have a handful of favorites from the shoot, below is one of them.

Another Favorite!!! Kristi is such a beautiful mama!!

Bottom right…MONEY.

Oh hello adorable nursery with adorable fox pillow…

Favorite! Favorite! Favorite! Dem Eyes, GEEEZ.

Kyle was a good sport while Kristi stood around lookin’ all sexy 🙂

A big thanks to Sam for taking pictures of me taking pictures of Kristaayy.

Thanks Kristi and Kyle for this opportunity, I was beyond thrilled and honored to take these photos…I think how happy I was is written all over my face in the below pic 🙂

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE them Ryn!!! You did an amazing job!!! Can’t wait til I get prego! (Don’t tell Dave I said that)

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