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July 11, 2011

Going Back in Time


A few months back I saw this new technique on a blog of taking an old photograph and creating a new one in the same exact setting…years later. I became obsessed with this notion, thinking it was like going back in time and essentially recreating a memory and bringing it back to life. Alex and I scoured my family’s old photo albums (my parents took SO MANY PICTURES from our childhood, thanks mom and dad!) and found plenty that would work. Thankfully my parents also live in the same house my brother and I grew up in.

Take a look at our handiwork. I think they came out fantastic!

Ryan and me all ready for school. Bus stop shenanigans soon to ensue.

Me with our first cat Spot.

Shoulder rides were the best.

My mom, Pop-Pop, and me before church one Sunday.

Reading the Sunday Funnies. Garfield and Peanuts were very important to me.

I love this photo of me. Pumpkins and “Johnny,” our Jeep Laredo.

My friend Courtney and me taking a break from cleaning “Johnny.”

This one of my dad is a favorite of mine. It turned out perfectly. Also…who else sees Napoleon Dynamite?

My brother and Misty, another kitten we talked our parents into letting us have.

Every year around my birthday truckloads of pollen fall from the oak trees in my parent’s front yard. This was taken on the day of my 9th birthday party. If you look closely you can see kiddos rollerblading in the background.

Ryan’s pro wind up.

My friend Sharla and me having a “shaving cream party” as we used to call them.

And finally me being a mess after a soccer game.

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