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July 13, 2014

Jessica + Andrew


You guys, this wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I’m still swooning over the color and the textures and the lushness of these images. I’m also still left swooning over the couple, it was yet again another wedding where Alex and I were treated ever so graciously and sweetly and we are so thankful Jessica and Andrew chose us to capture the special moments from their special day.


Okay, so this dress…it had polka dots. Swoon. Also, that wallpaper!!! As soon as I walked into the bridal suite I knew the mini fridge and the huge mirror adorning that wall would have to be moved in order to make this shot possible. A big thanks to members of the bridal party that helped make this happen!

9033LewChan 8990LewChan 8957LewChan

A bride who wears TOMS at her wedding is a Smarty Pants McGee, Jessica was comfortable and fashionable the entire evening!

9048LewChan 0504LewChan 0592LewChan0605LewChan9162LewChan 9194LewChan9110LewChan 9103LewChan

The venue was The Hummingbird House (a new favorite of ours), notice the hummingbird mirror in the above photo 🙂

9123LewChan 9133LewChan

That beyond adorable teapot below was Jessica’s grandmother’s. I could have taken photos of it and the fresh blooms in it all day long.


Love me some family reaction shots of the bride!

9516LewChan9382LewChan9359LewChan 9332LewChan 9329LewChan 9293LewChan 9270LewChan 9282LewChan 9287LewChan9907LewChan 9920LewChan

And in true LewChan fashion, Alex hung out with the guys while I hung out with the girls. Love these photos of them!

0657LewChan 0674LewChan

Then it was time to walk down the aisle and get married.

1029LewChan1105LewChan 1047LewChan 9313LewChan 9367LewChan 9379LewChan 9383LewChan 9388LewChan 9477LewChan9814LewChan 9791LewChan

The below photo is my favorite from the day. The venue’s gardens and lushness is intoxicating and offered so many great photo opportunities.

9747LewChan 9755LewChan 9804LewChan 9999LewChan

Also, I fought every urge to not go swimming in that pool.

9956LewChan 9705LewChan 9701LewChan 9684LewChan 9660LewChan 9632LewChan 9611LewChan 9596LewChan

Another favorite below!!

9577LewChan 9570LewChan 9546LewChan 9473LewChan 9468LewChan 0149LewChan

Oh hai beautiful light…


And then a LewChan first happened, both Andrew and Jessica stepped off the dance floor for a moment and took our cameras and insisted we get out there and danced. Don’t mind if we do…especially when my second favorite Beyonce song is playing!!

0980LewChan1577LewChan0669LewChan0176LewChan 0475LewChan1676LewChan 1674LewChan9873LewChan

And that’s a wrap folks! Many thanks to the happy couple, Andrew and Jessica, y’all were a delight to work with!!

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