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July 7, 2014

Jessica’s Bridal Portraits


I love love love taking bridal portraits! It’s usually the first and only time the bride is getting all dolled up with her most beautiful gown on with hair and make up before the big day and I also feel special, ya see it’s all a big secret that only me and a few others get to be a part of. But yeah, that big, white dress is secret and stuff 😉 So afterwards I’m always super excited about the images captured, but can only share them once the wedding has already happened.

Well now it’s time 🙂 🙂 Jessica and Andrew’s wedding was two Saturdays ago and it was gorgeous and she of course looked gorgeous too! Come see my favorites of her bridals!!!

LewChan-2 LewChan-3 LewChan-4 LewChan-5 LewChan-6 LewChan-7 LewChan-8 LewChan-9 LewChan-10 LewChan-11 LewChan-12 LewChan-13 LewChan-14 LewChan-15 LewChan-16 LewChan-17 LewChan-18 LewChan-19 LewChan-20 LewChan-21 LewChan-22 LewChan-23 LewChan-24 LewChan-25 LewChan-26 LewChan-27 LewChan-28 LewChan-29 LewChan-30 LewChan-31 LewChan-32 LewChan-33 LewChan-34 LewChan-35 LewChan-36 LewChan-37 LewChan-38 LewChan-39 LewChan-40 LewChan-41 LewChan-42 LewChan-43 LewChan

Aren’t these beautiful? I just love ’em and Jessica, she is such a sweetie and was so wonderful to work with! Also a shout out to The Hummingbird House, such a beautiful venue with ample space and options for gorgeous photos!

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