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February 28, 2011

Roland + Heather + Zoe + Evie – February 26, 2011


Alex and I were delighted to have a photo shoot with this crew over the weekend. Roland is my old boss and will go down in history as the best boss ever (stop blushing Roland :-). He and Heather CRACK US UP and have two beautiful daughters, Zoe and Evie. They live outside of Austin where there are a lot of open fields and barns…so we took full advantage!

Roland told me before the shoot that he was worried that the girls wouldn’t cooperate as wanted, they couldn’t have been better! Naturals for sure!!

I may get into trouble for posting one of the below photos. But I don’t care, it portrays Heather and Roland’s goof ball personalities to the T.

Unfortunately, only 20 minutes into the shoot our camera had a malfunction and we had to rush to the local camera shop to get it fixed. So yeah, we took all of these amazing photos (+more) in TWENTY MINUTES. It helps when you have hott (and adorable) models!!

The American Gothic portrayal below cracks me up, definitely one of my favorites of the day. When I spotted the gardening tools scattered about I was thrilled!

Seriously, this family is SO photogenic! I can’t wait for Part II of this shoot when we go downtown to prance about and take more lovely photos! Thanks Roland, Heather, Zoe, and Evie for being such great sports!

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