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June 19, 2014

Shauna + Chris ~ Rehearsal Dinner

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We don’t normally photograph rehearsal dinners, correction, we’ve never photographed a rehearsal dinner. Until this one, it was by far the most lavish and delicious rehearsal I’ve ever been to, and we weren’t there as vendors, we were there as friends and it was simply lovely…and did I mention knock your socks off delicious?

Shauna and Chris are the fanciest foodies I’ve ever come across, they dine out in Chicago at the fanciest/most decadent/sought after restaurants and show no signs of stopping. Their absolute favorite place to fill up on some fine fare is Girl and the Goat. Each time I visit them in the city they make reservations, their rehearsal was my third visit, Alex’s first and man oh man was it wonderful!!! There were 22 plates being passed around for 10 people, not including the desserts. Unbuckle your belts and come along to see my favs!

 LewChan-2 LewChan-15 LewChan-16 LewChanLewChan-6LewChan-3LewChan-7LewChan-8 LewChan-4LewChan-9 LewChan-10 LewChan-11 LewChan-12 LewChan-13 LewChan-14 LewChan-16 LewChan-17 LewChan-18 LewChan-19 LewChan-20 LewChan-21 LewChan-22 LewChan-23 LewChan-24 LewChan-25

Side note, if you’re ever in need of a friend who spills red wine first on her dress and then on yours…Shauna is your gal. I kid I kid, I love you Schwo, and thanks to some oxy clean the wine stain is history 🙂

LewChan-26 LewChan-27 LewChan-28

It was such an incredible evening, a meal I’ll never forget 🙂 Thanks so much to the gracious hosts Shauna and Chris!!

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