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June 22, 2014

Shauna + Chris



This is a wedding I’ve been wanting to share with the universe even while I was photographing it. It was our first destination wedding…Chicago say whut!!! It was also a wedding celebrating the love of two very dear people who we’re lucky to call good friends. I met Shauna my freshman year of college at BGSU, we lived together both sophomore and junior year and I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal and adorable friend. Shauna met Chris when they were working together at Motorola in the suburbs of Chicago, the first moment I met Chris I knew I liked this kid. He’s SO SO SO kind and genuine and fun-loving. He’s a guy you’ll always be happy to know. Dear Shauna and Chris, I love you both so much it hurts!!!!!! I also love their wedding photos so much it hurts, come see them!

 LewChan-10-2 LewChan-9-2 LewChan-8-2 LewChan-7-2 LewChan-6-2 LewChan-5-2 LewChan-4-2 LewChan-3-2 LewChan-2-2

The views from Shauna and Chris’s condo are insane. The skyline is very blown out in the below photo but you can just make out the perfect view of the Sears Tower (and I will always call it the Sears Tower, sorry not sorry).


I may or may not be a little obsessed with these detail shots. I just poked around their condo for props. I had so much time and it was cathartic in a way 🙂 P.S. I love my job.

LewChan-20 9764LewChanLewChan-19 LewChan-18 LewChan-17 LewChan-16 LewChan-15 LewChan-14LewChan-30 LewChan-28LewChan-29

Also, let’s take a moment to “ooh” and “ahhh” over these next few of Shauna’s dress and shoes and THAT VIEW. HOLY VIEW BATMAN!!! These were taken on the rooftop on the same floor as their building’s gym, Shauna’s good friend led a few of us in a wonderful yoga practice out there the morning of, no big deal.

LewChan-22 LewChan-27 LewChan-26 LewChan-25 LewChan-24 LewChan-23

Shauna and Chris are super low key, they shared the condo as they each got ready for their wedding, casual conversation happened, snacks were had. It was kind of great. Alex and Chris left for Sepia (the lovely restaurant/venue) before us. It gave us time to take some wonderful city scape bridal portraits. I have some of these of my gorgeous friend hanging on our fridge in our house…I love them that much.

LewChan-41 LewChan-40 LewChan-39 LewChan-38 LewChan-37 LewChan-36 LewChan-35 LewChan-34 LewChan-33 LewChan-32 LewChan-31

Then it was time to go get married…

9770LewChan9767LewChan 9772LewChan 9773LewChan LewChan-2 LewChan-3 LewChan-46 LewChan-45 LewChan-44LewChan-4 LewChan-5


The ceremony was so sweet and made me all misty eyed, just love these two!

42LewChan 26LewChan 22LewChan 13LewChan 3LewChan 2LewChan 9766LewChan 9769LewChan 9768LewChan 2LewChan-2LewChan-9 LewChan-10 LewChan-50 LewChan-51 LewChan-49 LewChan-48 LewChan-47 LewChan-52 LewChan-53 LewChan-54 LewChan-55 LewChan-56 LewChan-59 LewChan-58 2LewChan-3LewChan-57

And then it was time for a lovely reception with delicious food and a good ole fashioned dance party.

LewChan-61LewChan-65 LewChan-64 LewChan-63 LewChan-62 LewChan-66 2LewChan-8 2LewChan-7 2LewChan-6 2LewChan-5 2LewChan-4LewChan-67 LewChan-70 LewChan-68 LewChan-69 LewChan-60LewChan-72 LewChan-73 LewChan-74 LewChan-75 9775LewChan 9774LewChanLewChan-71

I wish I were a better word smith to adequately state how much we enjoy these two and how special their wedding weekend was. I’m just going to sign off by saying that these two people make my heart smile and we need more people just like ’em in this world. Muah Muah! Smooch Smooch! xoxo

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