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March 11, 2014

Suzanne + Matt


You guys ready for an all day wedding? Yup! I have lovely photos from the entirety of Suzanne and Matt’s big day, I was honored that Suzanne invited me along for this ride, it means a lot for a bride to be okay with spending so much time with you on one of the biggest occasions of her life. It was a beautiful day too, perfect weather, great company, with activities like yoga, brunch, and sightseeing in our state’s capitol building 🙂 🙂 Come along and see the fun we had!

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After a healthy stretch at Yoga Yoga we ventured to Olivia’s for a yummy brunch with Suzanne’s gal pals. I was digging the location not only because of their delicious noms but this restaurant has some of the most beautiful light pouring through its windows. It made for a happy photog.

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After our tummies were full we scurried over to Urban Betty for the girls to get all done up. All the stylists there were lovely and did such a wonderful job with hair and make up. They had Suzanne looking her best with no trouble at all.

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I’m sorry but flamingo ring beauty shot may be one of my all time favs!!!

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Okay, now a little back story. Suzanne called me a month or so before her wedding to inform me that she’d like to get ready at the Texas State Capitol building in her office. Ya see, she does very important work for a state senator and gets to waltz the halls of this gorgeous and historic building on the daily. So we basically had full access to the capitol building that day and we lived it up, we lived it up hard. Never have I ever been so excited about a location for bridals and bridesmaids photos 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Just hanging out in the Senate Chamber, no big deal.

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One of my favorites below…


Then it was time to get hitched, here are the ladies patiently waiting at St. Austin’s Catholic Church.


The below photo is just soooo hauntingly beautiful. Suzanne was a stun stun STUNNER in that dress!

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Hip Hip Hooray, last stop Hotel Ella


Suzanne and Matt are an Austin couple through and through. He’s from here and actually graduated from the same high school as me (shout out to all the Westwood Warriors out there!) and they both attended UT. The icing on top of their UT Bell Tower cake is that’s the site of Matt’s proposal. It was a classic Austin affair, y’all did it up right! Bevo is weeping tears of pride.

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Congratulations to the happy couple!! Thanks so much for having LewChan along for the ride.

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